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Theme of the weekend is Tango milonguero
and the magic of close embrace.

Tango workshops

WS1: – Embrace, elasticity inside of embrace, circularity – All levels
WS2: – Tango: Unusual changes of direction – All levels
WS3: – Rolling inside of embrace – Int-Adv
WS4: – Tango: Cut, sharp voleos inside of a giro for crowded places Int-Adv

Tango vals workshops

WS5: – Vals: Giros like made for vals – Int-Adv
WS6: – Vals: Boleos like made for vals – Int-Adv

Milonga workshops

How to dance milonga instead of ”high speed tango”

WS7: – Milonga: Simple rhythmical games – All levels
WS8: – Milonga: How to use music and simple changes of weight in a small space to create different sensation – Int-Adv

*About All levels: The teachers will make it easy for you to work 
on your own level, no matter you are a beginner or advanced dancer. 
Not for absolute beginners!

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